The struggle for power (part 1)


So like I said in my previous blog, that I was working on a new story, I am really honored to say that it is almost ready. However, I still decided to post it in parts since that way I get more time to come up with new and different ideas. So here is the struggle for power part 1:

Even with scorching hot sand kissing my feet, I knew I had to move forward. On the other side of the sea, lies my people, my family and most importantly, my crown. The water brought me here and it will take me back. Just thinking about my kingdom made my eyes fill up with tears. What was happening to it now that I was gone? Did James finally take over my crown? I knew my cousin brother, James, hated me, but to this extent? I never imagined. He could be the only one who could have brought me here. He alone knew the password to my chamber. I shared it with him the last summer when I thought he had changed, but alas! I was wrong. Solely thinking about it made me feel sick, but no! I must focus on my goal. On my goal to reach home. I, Luna Avery, will reach my kingdom at any cost! Since a part of the sacred prophecy has come true, I guess the time has come to struggle…to struggle for power.
Maidservant: Congratulations king, you got a baby daughter.
King: Thank you! Can I have a look at this bundle of joy of mine?
Maidservant: Yes sure! *Holds up a tightly packed, fair skinned baby girl quietly gurgling with her little round mouth, big blue eyes, and heart-wrenching smile.
Other Royal Members: We feel so sad for you king, 3 kids…all daughters, who will you pass on the crown to?
King: This one…Luna Avery…is the chosen one, she will be the successor to my crown.
Other Royal Members: But bu-
King: Silence! I now proclaim Luna Avery the next queen of Centopia!
So that’s me, Luna Avery, the (only) queen of Centopia stuck here in the middle of this desolate place. I know I have to get back to my people, but how? Considering, wandering as the best option, I march forward with literally no hope in mind. After what seems like hours, I finally end up sobbing uncontrollably in front of a flowing stream. I cup my hands in order to have a drink out of the water and that’s when I glance at my reflection. It does not look anything like the queen of a such a big kingdom. Unkept matted hair and my baggy eyes as if a proof of the sleepless nights here in this isolated place. This is not the Luna I know. A strong, bright, confident and fresh girl all mixed in one, and that is the definition of Luna Avery. I must hold my self together…I must not lose hope… I must stay strong… I must…by then I had already slumped forward and had snoozed off due to the endless pain and fatigue. Next morning or evening, I couldn’t determine which, when I fluttered my eyelids open, I saw a pair of cute little eyes staring back at me. The adorable pair of big black beady eyes belonged to a fuzzy little rabbit. I sat up and quickly cupped it in my hands. “She’s Snowball. Cute right?” I looked up startled to hear a human voice. A tall slender blonde girl with big brown eyes and a gentle smile stared back at me. She was dressed in a beautiful woolen dress which was probably stitched by her herself. “Hi!who are you? Never seen anyone here,” she remarked. “Hey! I’m Luna…Luna Avery. Who are you?” I replied, relieved to finally see another human on this island.

And that’s it for today! Who is this mysterious girl and where is she from? Well, all those questions will be answered in the next blog. Don’t forget to like comment and follow!

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Untold Secrets (Part 3): Final


She stood bewildered as she heard what the “person” said. She could finally, identify this person, it was her “mother” but it was when she was younger. She was saying something in her ear, something not very clear. “Dear everything around you is fake, only you are real, get back to the real world, there is only one way, and you have to find it,” saying this, she faded away into darkness. Again everything around became eerie and ghostly. She could feel someone breathing on her but there was no one around. Since it all seemed more like a dream ( or more like a nightmare!), she decided to go back to sleep. Next morning Skyler woke up with a start at the should of footsteps shuffling around the house. “Where is that sound coming from,” she wondered. She got up from her bed and walked towards the kitchen from where the sound seemed to be coming from. By the time she reached the kitchen, the voice had stopped. Everything was in it its place except a note stuck on her refrigerator. She walked he refrigerator and instantly understands that the note was a list made by her mother…a shopping list made in the year:2008.” Complete your shopping Sky darling, was written on the note.” As soon as she read it out, the fridge door opened and she noticed that there was nothing left in it besides a piece of stale bread. “Strange, I remember buying tons of groceries the day before yesterday, where did it all go?” she wondered. Well, according to the note, I should probably go and do some shopping…again! So Skylar quickly gets ready and walks all the way to the city to her favorite mall. She was just walking when suddenly everything goes black. The only source of light was a far away neon light. Without any choice in her head, Skylar moves forward. And suddenly she hears the sound of screeching brakes followed by a piercing scream. She turns to see the car rash her mom had undergone in front of her eyes. She could see it all. Her mom was driving perfectly normally when suddenly a really old man crossed the road at the green light. Her mom had to spontaneously stop which caused the car crash to take place. This incident repeated itself quite a lot of times when it suddenly stopped and started to go on in slow motion. This time she noticed something…she noticed that before crossing, the old man winked and her grandfather winked back. This could only mean one thing…her grandfather murdered her mom!

And that’s it for today guys! Finally, the story ended on a sad note! Tell me if this was the ending you had expected. Next time I have got an even better story to share with all of you. So keep reading and:
“Stay true to yourselves and keep believing in your dreams”


Untold Secrets (Part 2)





Hey Guys!
I received such an optimistic response for my blog…it really touched my heart and that’s why here, I am, back with Part 2 of “UNTOLD SECRETS”.
Hope you all like it!

She was now standing right in front of the body and then…what she saw next had her completely baffled. In front of her laid a corpse…and not just any corpse, it was the body of her mother, and she was holding something on her hand. Skyler went closer towards the body and promptly removed the “object” and to her surprise, it turned out to be a piece of paper…a piece of paper from a newspaper from the year 2008. “That’s the same year mum died” Skylar remembered. She skimmed through the newspaper and turned pale white. She sat down with a thud and kept gazing at the newspaper.

Image result for pics of horror newspaper


– Laura Houston

Yesterday at exactly 2:00 pm, Sunday, 2008, a mighty collision left people perplexed. A humongous truck collided with a car instantly killing 2- An old man in his 70s and a young lady probably in her 30s. The old man identified as Stephen Thompson and the lady as Lucy Thompson were on their way to the supermarket when the mishap took place. Both were identified as grandfather and mother of Skylar Thompson by investigators.

Though this cleared the fact that Skylar’s mother had died in the accident but the newspaper clearly stated that her grandfather too had died on the spot. “Then who was the person who was looking after her for the past 20 years?” she couldn’t believe it herself! She threw the paper down but the next second the body was gone…and so did the paper. “What is going on?” she scowled. Suddenly she could hear voices all around…they sounded like…help me…help me! But like last time, after a second, the voices stopped.”Something is going very wrong!” “Anyways, there is nothing I can do, so I’ll just go home” she finally agreed upon that thought. Fortunately, nothing weird happened while she returned, but the scream, the body, and the voices were still ringing in her head. When she finally reached home, she had enough strength to just change and slump on the bed. At exactly 12:00 midnight, Skylar woke up to get herself a glass of water. She briskly walked towards the kitchen and something caught her eye. The kitchen mirror…it reflected, but that was not the scary bit it was the person behind her. It was someone she knew very well, but she couldn’t remember who. She looked behind, but there was no-one there. She tried this repeatedly but every time there was no one behind her. Suddenly the “person” broke into a large yet creepy smile. She moved one step closer to Skylar as if she wanted to whisper something in her ear. Skylar stood bewildered as she heard what the person wanted to tell her…


Image result for pics of horror mirror


That’s it for today guys! I know I have left it midway but what happens next is a secret which will be unveiled next time!
Don’t worry I’ll be back with the third part soon! Same person, same time, same website but a different story!

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Untold Secrets:





Heyyy Guys!
I’m back!
First of all, I know that I haven’t been updating for quite a long time (you can take it as if I had gone into a short sabbatical for a while) but its mainly because I had been really busy the past 2 months. During the summer vacation, I had visited India where we had a critical network issue and it was almost next to impossible to type even a sentence before screaming out to my mother to switch on the generator (a machine which switches on the wifi again!) Anyways, like every time, I yet again have a story to tell you and this time again it is a paranormal !


See the source image

It was a dark, gloomy night. Skylar was returning home after a long day at work. Her house was located in the outskirts of the city. So, even after catching a cab, a bus AND walking 5 km, her house was still 2 km far away. No bus or cab would help her reach her destination from there because that 2 km could be covered only after crossing a lonely dark forest. Skylar knew her path back home even when she had her eyes closed, but yet, after crossing the forest 50 times, only the thoughts about crossing it again made her shudder. This particular night was no different. Owls were hooting. She could hear the howls of wolves far away. Everything around her looked so strange and scary. She clutched the bag she was holding…the only possession she had at the moment. The shimmering white moon was giving out silvery sparks and it felt as if it was leading her path back home. All was calm and quiet. It faintly reminded her of her first birthday with her charming parents, the only one she ever had with them. They had planned everything, from a fabulous breakfast-in-bed to an evening dinner under the stars, exactly like this one…it was just magical! A cool breeze was blowing and she decided to sit down and rest for a bit and revive her old memories. Her family had always been very loving and supportive. The only problem was the slight breach between her grandfather and mother, but everything else was just perfect. Until one day…she could remember it vaguely if she closed her eyes and concentrated hard. Her mom had gone off to buy groceries with her grandfather and sadly that was the last time she ever saw her mother again. She had met with an accident (or so as she was told by her grandfather who had miraculously survived the lethal disaster) about 20 years ago but her memories always remained fresh. She tried remembering more, but all she could remember was the day before the mishap had taken place… there was a huge fight in the house. Everyone was screaming at the top of their lungs especially mother and grandfather. That’s all she could recollect. After all, she was not more than 5 years by then. After the accident, though, her grandad turned really strange, he would rarely glance at her, nor would he talk to her like he used to earlier love doing. A piercing scream suddenly stirred her back to reality. She looked around. “That’s peculiar!” she thought, I have ever seen a single human around here since the time her grandad had died (a month ago)”Then who just shrieked?!” All around were just a colony of trees, bushes, mosses, and ferns. She looked around, not a soul in sight.”Hmm, I may be hallucinating!” she exclaimed and moved forward just in time to save herself from stepping into an enormous puddle. “what?! It has not rained for the past few weeks, so where did a humongous puddle come from? She looked down and what she saw next completely baffled her. In front of her lay a large pool of blood, and next to it a body. The closer she went towards the body, the clearer it became as to who it was. She was now standing right in front of the body and then…



See the source image

That’s it for today guys! I know you all are in a huge suspense as to who that person, but I assure that in the next blog, everything would become crystal clear, as a series of events would start unfolding themselves. Until then:
“Love yourself and live your dreams!”
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Hotel Stay (Day 1)






Hey Guys!
Thanks again for the lovely comments for my previous blog!
Very encouraging. Here I have another diary entry for all of you.

Dear Diary,

Recently, my family and I booked a room at a hotel for a 2-day hotel stay. It was a surprise planned by my parents. One of my really good friends had also come along. I was informed about this sudden plan at the last minute so I’m sure you can imagine the rush I was in. Fortunately, my mother had already packed my bag but there was still soo much to do!
I had to make my hair, wear my dress and that had to pack my own mini bag. You could soon see me running at my fastest speed around the house grabbing everything that would be useful. Shortly I was finally ready (not really, actually, my parents had hauled me out of my house before I could take my diary, it was awful!) and buckled up in our car. I still didn’t know which hotel we were going or where it was? After a million hours(okay 30 mints but who counts) also, we hadn’t reached and I was sound asleep in the back seat of our car when we came to a halt. I finally thought we reached and jumped out of the car imagining as if we had reached the grand hotel. But no! We had just reached my good friend’s house and I was just like…what? (did I mention earlier that I knew nothing about this trip prior to when we started?) Anyways I was happy that we will have our friends at least! This time’s ride to the hotel wasn’t soo bad since we were all chatting and playing. Finally, we reached the hotel and I was amazed by its splendor. Green lush trees surrounding a mighty building which I suppose was the hotel. Our parents checked us in while we (the kids) were busy exploring this completely new world. Soon after checking in and keeping our luggage in our room, my parents decided to go down for lunch. Then I remembered that I hadn’t eaten anything since morning. We went down and were fascinated to see the food. We all ate like a pack of wolves. After eating we again started exploring the hotel and that’s when I found the best place in the hotel…the swimming pool! Let me describe it to you:




It was an open-air swimming pool in a leafy area and a heaven for school children with little else to do as summer stretched lazily into July. It was shaped like a chunky letter L with one section for the diving boards. There was always a lane roped off for anyone that wanted to swim, but at any time of day, you could bet money that kids were just playing catch with a beach ball in it and win. Kids layout on inflatable mattresses dived, spun and played tag as the lifeguards looked on. The radio blared from the poolside. Around the pool was a grassy area dotted with deciduous trees so you could choose to lie out on your towel in the shade or the sunshine
It was just beautiful. Soon I dived in and started swimming laps in this magnificent heaven of water!
After swimming we all dried ourselves and got ready into our best dresses for the gala dinner. The dinner amazed us just as the lunch had. Cheese pasta for the main course, sausages for starters and mango mousse for dessert! It was fabulous, I was even allowed to order a fruit punch for a drink!
After dinner, our parents told us to go back to our rooms and play while they would roam around the hotel. We agreed and ran back to our room. On reaching, we played tons of games, told each other spooky stories and had a lot of fun! after an hour or so, our parents and we all agreed to go to our respective rooms and sleep! Then we all waved each other goodbye, went to our rooms and snuggled into our bedcovers to get lost in the world of dreams and sleep.


Your Truly,                                                                                                                                               Riya Gupta.

That’s it for today guys! You must be wondering what I had mentioned that we had gone there for a two-day stay but this was just one! Don’t fret, the rest of my hotel routine would be in the next blog.
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Until then, “Stay true to yourself and follow your dreams.”


Author Review:




Hey guys!
As the topic suggests, I’m going to present an author review on my favorite book. First of all, let me clarify, what do I actually mean by an author review?
The following review wouldn’t obviously be an expert one but it would be according to how I feel about a particular author. And it would consist of both the pros and cons of the same. Anyways my chosen author is: (drumroll please) Jacqueline Wilson!!!!
First, let me tell you some facts about the author:

Jacqueline Wilson

Jacqueline Wison

Full Name: Dame Jacqueline Wilson



Born: Jacqueline Aitken
17 December 1945 (age 72)
Bath, Somerset, England

Occupation: Writer

Nationality: British

Period: 1969–present

Notable works:
Candy Floss
Double Act
The Story of Tracy Beaker
Hetty Feather

Notable awards:
Guardian Prize, 2000
British Book Award, 2000, 2003

Millar Wilson (m. 1965; div. 2004)

Emma Wilson
I started reading since I was 5 but during the early years of my life, reading had never been a hobby. It was more like a time pass. Speaking of time, as some time passed and I started growing, my interest in books grew as well. I was introduced to Jacqueline Wilson when (okay this might sound very weird but just go with it!) I was writing my first exam in middle school. I was done with my paper and had nothing to do. That’s when my friend passed me my first Jacqueline Wilson’s book: Clean Break. I was engrossed in it within minutes and that’s how I started my Jacqueline Wilson series…

Anyways, now that the tedious part is finally over, let’s jump to the actual book review

Jacqueline Wilson is a world-famous author, specialized in writing children stories. Her notable works include Hetty Feather, Cookie, Katy etc. Jacqueline Wilson has always been my favorite author since the very beginning. To tell the truth I like only those authors who transfer me to a completely new world, a world where the story is taking place. With Jacqueline Wilson, sometimes I’m taking care of Ida with Hetty, or running away with Cookie and sometimes even going to the secret garden with Katy and her friends. Basically, her stories have involved me more than any author has. Along with the involvement, the words she used also helps me a lot in improving my vocabulary, speaking and writing. To tell the truth, it’s her work which has inspired me the most to start this blog. Moreover, my all time favorite ability of hers is the way she describes things. As been mentioned earlier, even a baby is described is such a way that I can almost imagine that it is in front of me. See for yourself:
The following is a description of Baby Zoe from the book Suitcase kid,


She was heavier than I’d thought she would be. I didn’t know how to balance her at first but then her head lolled against my chest and my arms made a sort of cradle for her. She seemed to find it comfortable. She gave one last cry, several squeaks and splutters, and then quietened completely. I looked down at her. She looked up at me. She had big blue eyes but her hair wasn’t fair like Carrie and Crystal and Zen. She had toffee-colored curls. She was going to be dark like Dad. Muddy-brown like me.
I gently touched her starfish hand and her tiny fingers closed around my thumb.





Suitcase Kid (the book)



I don’t know about you guys but I could surely imagine a little baby with starfish hand and tiny fingers.

Anyways like a coin has two sides every thing has a good and a bad side as well:
As Jacqueline Wilson’s children’s novels frequently feature themes of adoption, divorce, and mental illness, they attract controversy. They also may leave a wrong impact on young readers.




Sorry, but I don’t think I have anything else against her since she was, is and will always remain my favorite author.

That’s it for today guys, let me know in the comments below if my review intrigued you to sit up and read a Jacqueline Wilson book. Also, tell who else is your favorite author or favorite book.



Life’s Triumph:

Hey you all!
As usual, I received a remarkable rejoinder for my previous blog: “Priceless Surprises.” So this time too I have got to tell you all about the latest episode that occurred in my life and this time again it’s in the form of a diary entry.
Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I loved writing it. Also thanks again for the everlasting encouragement that all of you splendid readers have bestowed upon me! So here it goes!

Hey Diary!!
So much has happened since I last entered you! And I regret not entering you with the recent juicy details of my life. I was very busy lately and didn’t have time to play with my friends too! Our school had recently instituted a new leadership initiative which was known as “Prefectural Board” (for the first time in our school’s history, we were going to have leaders for the middle wing!) I’m sure you must be feeling very happy to hear about this fascinating piece of news, I was too! On receiving the email regarding this initiative made me flutter with joy. I enthusiastically told my parents that I would love to take part in this new action. My parents then explained to me that though this new initiative might seem very appealing to hear, it is very hard to conquer. They told me that I should totally participate but before doing so, I should be fixing a mindset to not get very disheartened at the news of not getting selected. At that time, I was sparkling with enthusiasm and I felt I could obviously become anything I wanted if a tried and worked hard toward surmounting it…so without giving a second thought, I signed myself up for the interview which would help the seniors to select capable leaders. We had been given the liberty from school to apply for 2 of the following options.
-Head girl/boy
-Student Council {cannot apply if the candidate has chosen Head Girl/Boy}
since I was soo sure of my capability to cross any barrier I signed up for head girl and editor (considering that I could write fairly well). We had to sit for a starting interview which would then lead to the final interview (if our first interview would go well). I was soon called for my first interview but according to me, it went terribly! I wasn’t at all sure that I would advance to the next level but surprisingly, the next day itself, we got the results and anyhow I had fortunately proceeded to the next level! Since this second meeting would be with the principal herself, I toiled day and night preparing for it. Soon the day of the interview dawned and hopefully, I was ready
(as far as how I felt). We were called in the conference room for the meeting I was at first sight alarmed to see the panel sitting there for the interview… Principal, Senior headmistress, Head Boy, Head girl and senior teachers!
Five Seniors and we were in total five girls signing up for the head girl post.
According to me, this interview was the best one I had ever given! I won’t write any more than that cuz I feel it would probably bore you.
They were scheduled to announce the results the next day however the results weren’t announced until the following week Monday. All of us held our breath, while they declared the results…HEAD GIRL: (someone who wasn’t me) I won’t give out the name for security reasons. Anyways it was basically not me!
After the declaration, all my dreams and wishes shattered into a million pieces. I would not like to give any more details at the moment because I feel I would cry all over again. It was pretty sad!!!! D:

That’s it, guys! I’m sure all of you are wondering why I named this time’s blog: Life’s Triumph when I had just lost the battle. Well here’s your answer: When I came back home after knowing the results I was still in shock, and at that time it was my brother surprisingly who stood beside me like a wall. He told me something that revived me back to my senses. He said that though I had lost victory this time, it meant that god surely has something greater in mind for me to win. Keeping this thought in mind I never feel disheartened again at losing something! I hope this saying might help you too!
Anyways. hope you liked this blog. Tell me in the comments below was at all relatable to. Don’t forget to like and follow! 😀

Till then:” Stay true to ourselves and follow your dreams!”